The following FAQs address the questions we often receive from prospective band members. We also have a few FAQs for parents on our Info for Parents page.

Is there an audition process to be a member of the UCMB?

No, marching in the UCMB is a voluntary, no-audition elective course for all musicians with the exception of Percussion. All the skills necessary to be successful in the UCMB are developed throughout the marching season and during preseason (a little over a week before the semester begins). There is a placement audition for the members of Drumline during the summer percussion mini camps. It is recommended for students who are new to their instrument to seek guidance from student leaders or staff. Guard members are encouraged to attend Color Guard mini camps which are held in conjunction with percussion camps over the summer.

Can I join with no experience marching?

Yes! In fact, many of our members have joined with no prior experience marching. The fundamentals and techniques necessary for marching and succeeding are taught during our Preseason held a little over a week before the semester begins and throughout the semester.

What is the cost to join the band?

Nothing! Just your time! Members are given uniforms to borrow for the season, as well as a set of warmups, marching shoes, and a white hat to keep. Instruments (Mellophone, Trombone, Baritone, Tuba, Piccolo) may be loaned out for the season. In special cases, other instruments may be provided. Transportation and a meal are provided on game days.

Do I have to join marching band to join pep band?

For Fall Pep band, no! While the UCMB would love to accept every musician, we understand that schedule conflicts do not allow all students to participate in Marching Band. Fall Pep Band is a great way to stay involved in the UCMB, music, and school spirit. NOTE: Fall Pep Band and Marching Band are prerequisite courses for SPRING Pep Band - this means that to join the pep band for basketball in the Spring Semester, you must be enrolled in one of the two courses in the Fall Semester prior.

How often does the band rehearse?

The Marching Band rehearses during Preseason (every day for a little over a week before classes start). Preseason is a great time for members to learn fundamentals, bond with other members, and adjust to college life before classes even begin. Once classes start, members come together  TuThu 4pm-6pm, and Fri 3:35pm-6pm. Every member should enroll in MUSI1108. The band also attends every Saturday home football game, which begin early September and end early November. Students who have course schedule overlaps can fill out a course conflict form to be approved by a director.

What does game day look like?

Depending on what the time the game starts, the UCMB will typically depart campus four to five hours before kick-off. At the Rent, the UCMB will have rehearsal on-field, eat lunch/dinner together, take a bit of free time, change into uniform and warm-up as a group in order to be ready for kick-off. The UCMB performs our pre-game show, welcomes the team on to the field, perform music during each quarter of the game, as well as perform at both halftime and postgame.